Products & Services

Drill Bit Optimization

Canpart works exclusively with SHEAR BITS  and committed to a scientific approach for bit optimization and development. Each new project includes a thorough application analysis, component analysis, bit design review, road-map optimization and a detailed performance review. The overall development process has been streamlined to result in an extraordinarily short time from concept to a bit on the rig, ready to perform.

We can customize products for specific applications to optimize performance. We work very closely with our customers to ensure that operating parameters are matched to the bit design and application details. Each new product is custom designed by an expert development team, and coordinated directly with the field (to understand the influence of the rig equipment, BHA and running parameters on the test results), lessons are learned very quickly, and new innovations can be applied rapidly to reduce overall drilling time. This unique approach, combined with engineering and manufacturing systems that have been developed for rapid customization, results in improvements from well to well within the same drilling project.

Well Services Equipment

Canpart is distributor of Coil Solutions and Ranglar Products and can supply custom built to your specifications, Coil Tubing Reel to a complete Conventional or Mast Unit fitted with a Coil Tubing Injector and Arch.  All the equipment are built with the best components available and utilizes state of the art preventative maintenance products.  We can supply all the Coil Tubing Equipment  as well as Fluid Pumping Equipment you require to bring your company to the forefront of your industry.

  • Conventional Coiled Tubing Units- Designed to be trailer, truck or skid mounted
  • Mast Coiled Tubing Units- Designed to be trailer mounted
  • Injector Heads- Designed in 60k through 160k models
  • Injector Archs- Designed for all coil sizes up to 3.5″ OD
  • Reels- Designed for coil sizes up to 3.5″ OD
  • BOP Support Units & Yard Spoolers
  • C&A Units- Single Axle Cement & Acid pumping unit
  • Twin cement pumpers
  • Skid Mounted Pump
  • Blender
  • Data Van


Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

We supply a complete line up of proven Downhole Tools for all your job requirements to meet or exceed current industry standards. Tools are available in standard or H2S service and a wide variety of threads, sizes and configurations and field serviceable for quick turn around to cut back on downtime and increase uptime.

  • Coil Connectors
  • Grapples
  • Tandem Flapper Check valve
  • Max Force Jars
  • Wash Shoes
  • Drive Tools
  • Roll-on's
  • Quick Connects
  • Motor Head Assembly
  • Coiled Tubing Motors in various sizes and configurations
  • Hydraulic Disconnects
  • Xlrator- Accelerators
  • Straight Bars
  • Centralizers
  • Circulation Subs
  • Knuckle Joint
  • Rotating Wash Tools
  • Threading Snake
  • Frac Tools
  • Extended Reach Tools
  • Pull & Test Subs
  • Fishing Magnets
  • Overshots